Welcome to the Library!

This is where you will find MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses), information, and links regarding key figures in the field(s). In addition, we have recommendations for books, articles, and websites. We hope that you will find the content useful.

So the Library consists of four sections: MOOCs, Prominent figures, Recommendations, and Websites.

Tourists & Vagabonds has a cross-disciplinary approach. This means that the material we use and the theorists we mention come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. We include everything from sociology to economics. We apologise if you feel that some particular area is overlooked. Despite our best attempts, we have our own particular biases.

So, for now at least, there is a tilt toward sociology, economics, political science, and business. This is because that this is the educational background of the founder of Tourists & Vagabonds, Thomas Klausen (i.e. me). I hold a B.A. in sociology and cultural analysis, a B.A. in English and international marketing, and an M.A. in English and intercultural market studies from the University of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen Business School, respectively.