Happy International Women’s Day!

On 8 March every year the world celebrates women.  It’s a time to assess the progress made – or the lack thereof – for women all over the world. Obviously, not all countries have fully recognised the rights of women. Even in countries known for women’s rights, e.g. Denmark and Sweden, there are discrepancies when it comes to how women are treated, for instance in male dominated work-places. Inequality still exists even in the most ‘feminine’ countries.

People mark the occasion in many ways. The Guardian has a good piece dedicated to the many ways in which the event is celebrated. For instance, the US female soccer team decided to sue over discrimination.

A good place to start for research on women’s rights is the UN’s Annual Report, Human Rights Watch, or the Global Fund for Women.

A host of celebrities are celebrating the day. However, one stands out for her persistent efforts to shed light on women’s rights, namely Emma Watson. Check out her Twitter account below.

Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s continue to further women’s rights all over the world. Not doing so will disadvantage the world on all fronts.