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Sea levels expected to rise by 30cm by the end of the century, report concludes

The Guardian and the New York Times report that a new study concludes that because of warmer water, sea levels are likely to rise by 30cm by the end of the century. The study was published in Science Magazine. This rise does not include the effects of melting glaciers and ice elsewhere in the world.

The study, conducted by Lijing ChengJohn AbrahamZeke HausfatherKevin E. Trenberth, describes how the warming of the oceans is happening faster than expected. This is a consequence of climate change.

Because warmer water takes up more space than colder water, water levels rise as a result through a process known as “thermal expansion.”

One of the consequences of warmer water is coral bleaching like what we see at the Great Barrier Reef, where in the northern part of the reef almost half of the corals have died.

Photo by Earth on Unsplash