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Trump: Europe must take back IS POWs

In a series of tweets, US President Trump demands that European allies should take back a large number of so-called Islamic State POWs. The BBC, the Guardian, and Reuters report that Mr Trump has told a number of European countries to put some 800 so-called Islamic State prisoners on trial in their home countries so that they won’t permeate European societies. If Europe does not put them on trial, the US will have to set them free, Mr Trump says.

As the so-called Islamic caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq is in its last throes – at least in terms of territory – the US will begin to pull out out. US allies are sceptical. They see the pull-out as premature and will leave a power vacuum.

President Trump’s statement comes as the UK is grasping just how exactly to deal with one of their citizens who went to Syria as the wife of an ISIS member. Shamima Begum, 19, shows little remorse – if any – about her leaving for Syria. But her case is complicated by the fact that she was pregnant until a few days ago and has just given birth.